Daniel F. Baltrusaitis Ph.D Professor

Dr. Daniel F. Baltrusaitis is a Professor of Strategy, Comparative Defense Strategies, and Leadership at the National Defense College in the United Arab Emirates. He previously served as an Associate Professor of International Security Studies, Dean of Resident Academics at the U.S. Air War College, and Director of Outreach and Engagement for the Spaatz Center for Officer Education. Dr. Baltrusaitis is a retired U.S. military officer and has served in a variety of military operational and staff assignments, accumulating more than 3300 flight hours in the U-2, B-1B, and over forty additional aircraft. He commanded the 5th Reconnaissance Squadron, a U-2 squadron based at Osan AB, Korea, and served as Deputy Commander of the Air Force Operations Group in the Pentagon.

His staff assignments include Deputy Director of the CHECKMATE Division, Headquarters Air Force, and Deputy Director of Engineering for the Operational Support Office. Dr. Baltrusaitis earned his bachelor’s degree from the United States Air Force Academy, a master’s degree from the University of North Dakota, and his doctorate from Georgetown University.

His military education included the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School, the School of Advanced Airpower Studies, and the Air War College. Dr. Baltrusaitis’ academic interests include defense strategy, coalition and alliance politics, contemporary defense affairs, international relations and joint operational art. He has published articles in the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs and the Baltic Defence Journal, and a book titled "Coalition Politics and the Iraq War: Determinants of Choice" (Lynne Rienner, 2010).

Dr. Baltrusaitis has been recognized with the Douhet-Mitchell Award for most visionary paper from the Air War College, and the Leithen-Tittle Award for the top graduate from the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School. He and his wife, Jan, live in Abu Dhabi and Washington D.C. They are the proud parents of two daughters, Becky and Melissa.