Professor Joel Hayward
Patrick Bell,  Ph.D. ASSISTANT Professor

Dr. Patrick Bell is an Assistant Professor of Security Studies at the National Defense College (NDC) of the United Arab Emirates. Prior to joining the faculty at NDC Dr. Bell served on the faculty of three universities: Barry University, Florida International University, and The George Washington University.

Dr. Bell’s research investigates the interactions between actors involved in the provision of government services at the nexus of politics and policy. His current research project involves investigating the effect of social media and informal or “dark networks” on governments in transitional states such as those in Eastern Europe. Dr. Bell has published in the Journal of Budgeting, Finance and Accounting, The Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Society, the Transylvania Review of Administrative Sciences and the United Nations Development Fund.

In addition to his academic experience, Dr. Bell has held two political appointments. The first as a policy advisor at the United States Treasury Department in the Office of the Under Secretary for Enforcement. The second at United States Department of Defense where he served as a special assistant in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition Technology and Logistics.

Dr. Bell holds four academic degrees. A Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Stetson University, A Master of Arts in Political Management from The George Washington University, A Master’s in Public Administration from Florida Atlantic University, and A Doctorate in Public Affairs from Florida International University. When not teaching, or researching Dr. Bell enjoys international travel and adventures of the epicurean sort.