Minister of Energy and Infrastructure delivers a Lecture on UAE Energy Policy

Thursday 21 January 2021

H.E. Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Delivers a Lecture on UAE Energy Policy to the 8th NDC Course on Thursday, 21 January 2021.

The lecture was attended by H.E. Brigadier General Tarek Khalfan Al Zaabi, NDC Deputy Commandant, wing commanders, and the 8th NDC Course 2020-2021 particpants.

The lectures aimed at introducing the NDC participants to UAE energy policy and the most important pillars of the economic development.

At the beginning of his lecture, His Excellency talked about the oil and gas sectors, the UAE's production of all oil derivatives, and the most important future resources and plans that were put in place to find alternative resources. H.E.  also talked about the UAE energy policy and the most important challenges facing this sector and how UAE is able to overcome them through the strategic solutions it has developed as UAE is in leading the global efforts in the clean and renewable energy sector through its investments. H.E. said that the UAE Energy Strategy 2050 focuses on renewable and clean energy sources of energy to ensure a balance between economic needs and the environmental goals of energy conservation and a sustained growth in the UAE economy.

Moreover, H.E. explained that the UAE is overcoming the water resources challenges by reducing water demand by at least 21% and has developed a water resource security strategy until 2036 to have sustainable and safe water for the future.

With regard to the UAE's infrastructure efforts and policies, H.E. the Minister said that the UAE has achieved infrastructure global leadership in 2019 through its comprehensive development plans that focus on all development projects and infrastructure across the country.

As for the transportation sector, H.E the Minister pointed out that if the federal railway project is implemented, it will bring many national economic benefits. The Minister also highlighted the development efforts in housing projects and its contribution to the UAE's security and economic stability.