National Defense College participates in a seminar held at NESA /US NDU under the Title “Whole Government Approach to Countering Terrorism”

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Staff Brigadier General Abdullah Mohammad Al Kaabi attended a seminar on countering terrorism entitled “Countering Transnational Threats: Whole Government Approach to Countering Terrorism” which was held at Near and South Asia Centre for Strategic Studies (NESA) in the United States of America during the period from 10 to 29 January ,2013. Among the significant issues addressed in the seminar were elements of national power (diplomacy, information, military, economic, financial, intelligence and law enforcement), their role in countering terrorism and how domestic factors in states affect their foreign policy-making and counter terrorism strategy. The seminar was attended by 51 experts representing 27 countries in Near and South Asia region and hosted speakers from U.S government departments like the Department of Defense, Department of the Interior, Department of State and other departments.