Sunday 02 September 2018

Major General Staff Pilot Rashad Mohammed Salem Al-Saadi inaugurated the 6th National Defense Course 2018-2019 On Sunday, September 2, 2018. The Commandant welcomed the participants and conveyed greetings from the Head of the NDC Supreme Council and the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces after they have been nominated and selected for this year's NDC Course.

He explained that the establishment of this college was part of the directives and aspirations of our senior political leadership to prepare qualified leaders, from various sectors and institutions of the State (military and civilian), who would be able to draw up national policies, and to think, analyze, and evaluate the challenges and variables of the strategic environment. This could be achieved through a comprehensive strategy which supports the Millennium Vision of the UAE.

At the end of his speech, the NDC Commandant wished the participants, faculty members and staff every success in the year ahead and stressed the importance of exploiting the opportunity to learn and gain more knowledge. The course is based on the interactive concept and the exchange of knowledge and ideas. He also urged everyone to make an effort in research and study to create a knowledge base that serves our national goals and interests. It should be noted that the number of participants in this course is (49).