Wednesday 05 February 2014

In his lecture at the UAE NDC, Dr. Abulatif Al Zinani, Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, highlighted the fact that the GCC are working closely and uninterruptedly to protect their security, stability and prosperity and that they  are fully aware  of the political, social and economical  challenges facing them and that they view such challenges as opportunities for supporting synergy and integration between GCC  countries and the other  international pacts. “The vision of the GCC states is based on achieving prosperity  for the states and  people of the GCC  and  paving the way for  their citizens to achieve their aspirations  and personal ambitions  and providing  equal opportunities  of education , jobs ,health care ,housing  and  community services as well as  a stable  and secure  life for the gulf  communities” he said . "The GCC states are seeking to achieve five strategic objectives: strengthening the collective security of the GCC states, increasing economic growth, , maintaining a high level of human development and empowering  member states to effectively handle and recover  from all kinds of crises ,and achieving a prestigious status for the GCC regionally and internationally." Al Zayani added. He pointed out  that the future of the GCC is  closely associated with the might  gained by the GCC countries  from the same  bonds that harness these countries such as  kinship ,religion, geography and  culture  and  that these countries do  believe that  they are an integral part of the Arab and Islamic world and that they are doing their utmost to support Arab and Islamic issues and to bring development and prosperity to these countries. Moreover, he noted that the GCC countries reject international or regional hegemony over the Arab Gulf or any kind of interference in their internal affairs, and that they do believe in the efficacy of dialogue as a tool while renouncing the use of force or violence. He said that the diplomacy of the GCC is based on three principles: communication, cooperation and confidence-building which means that he is referring to the Gulf initiative to resolve the Yemen crisis which was signed in Riyadh in November 2011 ,and assuring that the initiative prevented an outbreak of civil war in Yemen and let the door wide open for a political settlement  and a peaceful transition of power. Expressing his hope that the Gulf initiative may augur well   to have a stable ,unified and  prosperous Yemen and praising the support provided to the Gulf Initiative by the majority of  countries and  international organizations such as the UN Security Council ,the Arab  League, the European Union and ambassadors of the permanent members of the Security Council and the European Union ,he said  “ GCC  states will  continue doing their utmost in cooperation with the regional and international parties to ensure the success of a politically  settled in Yemen.