Tuesday 17 October 2017

Within the framework of the NDC course 2017-2018, the Military Physical Education Center hosted the NDC Sports Day on Tuesday, 17 October 2017. This event aims to provide participants of NDC Course 2017-2018 with the opportunity to socialize with the NDC faculty and staff and to enhance their team spirit and competition within recreational sport activities, and to diversify NDC Course curriculum. The day began with a speech by the Commander of the Center who welcomed the NDC Commandant, the NDC faculty and staff, and the participants of NDC Course 2017-2018. He also gave a brief about the duties and tasks of the Center, as well as launched the sports day activities, namely volleyball, basketball, tug of war, and football quintets. At the end of the competitions, the NDC Commandant with the Commander of the Physical Education Center distributed the prizes to the winning team where the NDC staff ranked first and the NDC faculty ranked second and the third study group ranked third. By the end of the day, the NDC Commandant expressed gratitude and appreciation to the Commander of the Physical Education Center, all officers, non-commissioned officers, individuals, and trainers for the well-organized and successful day. Moreover, the two sides exchanged memorial gifts and took a group photo.