Sunday 03 November 2019

The actual use of trained regular armies with sophisticated weaponry such as aircraft, tanks, rockets and even weapons of mass destruction has proved ineffectiveness in the face of innovative fighting techniques that dominate human beings using nanotechnology that has a high level of artificial intelligence.
The term "generations of war" refers to the stages of the development, application, method, and purpose of wars, although there is similarity between all generations of war in terms of the method and actual use of weapons and equipment. According to analysts and strategists, the fourth-generation warfare has been prevalent for quite some time, but the succeeding generations of wars will be more sophisticated in view of the development of weapons technology, as your enemy could see and destroy you where you could not.

Generations of Warfare Development

There are a number of reasons that led to the development and transformation of wars, including the decline of armed conflicts between states, increase and escalation of civil wars as a result of shifting loyalties within states, demand for power, increase of disagreements between the strata of one society, and imbalance of power between states. This has led to the development of wars using sophisticated and different methods, tools, and techniques in terms of latest technology used. Meanwhile, wars went through several generations:
- First-generation war: a conventional war between two states, directly confronted by two regular armies.
- Second generation war: Known as guerrilla warfare.
- Third-generation war: known among some as preventive or pre-emptive wars.
- Fourth-generation war (Asymmetric warfare): This is a new form of war that put an end state's domination, and relied primarily on the destruction of the nation’s morale by stimulating religious, ethnic, cultural, historical, and immoral conflict, away from confronting regular military power. The escalation of fourth-generation wars can be attributed to several factors that a civil state may experience, such as the low living conditions, degraded education, widespread corruption, worsening economic recession, the prevalence of nepotism, social injustice, and many others. Military experts agree that the fourth-generation war was developed by the US military and is known as (Asymmetric Warfare). After the September 11, 2001 attacks, the United States waged a war against organized and professional organizations using advanced capabilities and technologies and targeted vital areas such as al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq, and ISIL in Iraq and the Levant.

The nature of wars in the fourth generation has changed from heavily-armed conventional armies to the use of quick warfare technology, from military plans on battlefields to strategies that transcend geographical borders, to become more deadly and destructive, and to threaten the future of mankind on the whole planet.

The fourth-generation warfare is a war of cultures rather than a war of international politics or entities, which aims to destroy the mind and will before the defeat and destruction of armies. The fourth-generation warfare has been named labeled as the hybrid war, irregular war, lone wolf, and the gray zone conflicts, a region where advanced technology is used. It is characterized by gradual, deceptive, and misleading actions, and exploits the weakness and disintegration of governments. Bitcoin is one of the tools of the fourth-generation warfare, as using this currency in the financial markets is a kind of speculative operations among traders, which may lead to the creation of more difficulties and new conflicts around the world.

Fifth-generation wars: (Hybrid Wars) The fifth generation warfare depends on small groups who are trained to use advanced technology in different ways and operate within the state away from confronting the armed forces. It targets vital institutions and objectives in the country, causing great physical and psychological losses for both the military and civilians. It mostly recruits many people, opposition forces from associations, unions and forums, and a huge number of the fifth column to spread rumors. This type of war belongs to the hybrid one, which combines a variety of different patterns and methods of combat, as a modern model of guerrilla warfare and ghost war approach. This type of war is characterized by a very large use of suicide bombings, ambushes and sophisticated terrorist actions using modern technology. These groups are trained on highly-efficient martial arts, street warfare, using tactics of stabbing, slaughtering and burning, and car bombs. Such a war is characterized by alliances with countries whose interests are in conflict with the targeted state.

Sixth-generation warfare: (wars of creating opposites) Remotely managed wars that do not depend on direct contact between the warring parties, whether by combatants or the actual use of various weapons, such as conventional arms and weapons of mass destruction. Sixth generation wars also use information warfare on a large scale, which has significant implications on the morale of the military and civilians and on the plans and actions of the forces. The economic sanctions are increasingly being used by many large states as a new type of pressure on certain states to accept the required conditions. 
It also targets countries or individuals remotely via the Internet, or by directing smart ammunition at targets or persons through satellites, as in Gaza when Israel assassinated some Palestinian figures. The sixth-generation wars managed to bring about climate changes and trigger natural disasters through electromagnetic pulse weapons.

Seventh-generation Warfare: Strategists considered it “wars of control over humans”. A tiny microchip could be inserted into the human body with almost no pain and it targets the designated place, according to its programming, meaning that implantation could easily be done and without the target person's knowledge. The description may be fictional for many, but depending on nanotechnology, it has become normal, as these chips are made from hybrid chemical and plastic capacitors that are similar to the vaccination that is put into the body. It can be implanted into the brain and can control the target person who becomes under the command of the programmer and immediately carries out the instructions given to him/her.
7th generation microchip method of work
The chip covering is biologically engineered. Chemical capacitors such as battery and hybrid plastics work with the circuits to form a transceiver, and could be compatible with the body tissues in which they are implanted. When implanted in the forehead or ears, the brain is controlled. It causes disability in thinking and focus, and may develop into schizophrenia and can be programmed to drive a person to commit suicide or kill. It can be detonated at any moment by a timer inside the body, or a wireless detonation, or sending voice commands over frequencies to the brain's hearing center and storing information to be detonated on time.
Development of 7th generation chips
The chips have been recently developed using nanotechnology and microchip technology. The chip implanted into the body can be detected only by Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). It has a diameter of five micrometers, one-tenth of a hair diameter which is 50 micrometers.
Science has shown that there are areas in the human brain that are closely related to decision-making, such as decision to accept or reject and areas related to behavior control. Those areas are placed on the forehead and can be detected by MRI.
The biochip implanted in the forehead can be compatible with the tissues of the body itself and its main task is to connect the body with satellite and remote control centers. Thus, all people with implanted biochips could be easily persuaded by any matter, even if it comes to the person's faith and belief, not just to his or her intellectual or political convictions, so that the person's decision can be controlled. 
A chip implanted in the human body was also developed to determine its geographic location, where it can be used to track suspects and wanted criminals, important people, politicians, and terrorists, to be followed by the various security and intelligence services. It has been called the “Killer Microchip”. In line with the invention submitted by a Saudi inventor and disclosed by the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA), these chips could be implanted under the skin in different parts of the body and would send out coded radio waves that satellites can track to send all the required information to the concerned party about a person’s identity and location. The chip would release a deadly poison if a security risk is involved.

Other Generations of War
8th Generation Warfare (Silent Sound War): Thinkers believe that it uses (Chemtrail), the latest weapons of mass destruction, for getting chemical reactions and making natural disasters like storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, lightning, thunder, desertification and drought to cause destructive damages in the targeted places. It uses the Global Navigation System and digital technology to penetrate information systems. It can scan the map of human brain magnetic activities, and target individuals and peoples based on the packages used.
9th Generation Warfare: The most complex, the so-called war of minds, depends mainly on direct control over the mind, where information stored in the brain is transformed into a weapon, as this information targets its holder without realizing and driving him to commit suicide. Fish, animals and birds could be also used as tools for espionage, control and recruitment, so that it will cause great damage to the remote targeted countries and peoples. The tenth generation warfare uses the human physiology as a weapon. Scientists at the Pentagon laboratories managed to make a real cap of invisibility, and German scientists succeeded in developing a "3D Concealment Coat".
There is no doubt that what is happening in our Arab countries like Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, as well as the deaths, destruction and new methods of fighting, and a change in attitudes and loyalties, are modern wars in which the world's latest technology is used to exercise control over human beings for the purposes and interests of certain countries.
The wars of modern generations are the latest and the most dangerous in history, mainly called non-contact wars, because they have great effects on human beings and their living conditions. With its tools, techniques, and accuracy, modern generations can subject individuals, groups, and countries to control over their actions, behavior, and performance and could force them to execute orders and instructions without hesitation. This is what the United States of America is actively engaged in as the most economically and technologically advanced country in the world. Thus, a great responsibility rests with the studies and scientific research centers and decision makers to explore, tackle, and overcome these challenges.