Sunday 28 November 2021

The 9th National Defence Course 2021-2022 finished its regional visits to Saudi Arabia, Oman, the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan from 20-26 November 2021.

The participants were divided into groups to be able to explore closely and benefit from the experience of these  friendly  countries  in the political, economic, military and media aspects related to national and regional security, as well as how to deal with various challenges in addition to identifying current and future areas of cooperation with the UAE.

It should be noted that the regional visits of the National Defense College are part of the curriculum of the one –year NDC Course which aims to inform the participants about the importance of all countries to be visited and their impact on regional and international stability, and to learn about the state's instruments of power and how to manage it to maintain its national security, regional and international stability.