The Strategic Security Studies Program of the National Defence College is an intensive graduate-level program that focuses on domestic and international contexts, national security strategy, orchestrating military and non-military instruments of power, national security organizations, decision-making processes, and the formulation and implementation of strategy.

The program’s curriculum is highly fluid: new courses will be added to ensure representation of current knowledge and trends in the discipline, and existing courses are regularly updated to reflect new knowledge and trends.

The study program was carefully planned to meet the requirements of the National Defence Course as it provides an analytical study of the prevalent strategic environment and the rapidly changing factors at the international, regional, and national levels. The study program includes courses related to Strategy, National Security, Crisis Management, Economics, International Relations, International Law, and Contemporary Issues. As part of the study plan, the college conducts two study tours (regional and international) so that participants can closely examine the economic and political environment. In addition to discussing some contemporary issues, participants are required at the end of the course to complete a capstone research project.


  • Think critically and strategically in order to apply practical knowledge in collaborative ways and in complex circumstances with diverse partners.
  • Analyze how domestic, regional and international factors shape strategy and be able to evaluate strategic environments and their impact on national security at the national, regional and international levels.
  • Evaluate strategic threats and challenges in order to facilitate national decision-making.
  • Produce frameworks for formulating either specialized strategies (diplomatic/military/economic/informational) or a national comprehensive strategy.
  • Apply the fundamentals of a sound strategic crisis management to coordinate the use of national resources.
  • Evaluate the relationship between political objectives, strategy, and the use of instruments of national power (e.g. diplomacy, military, economic and information) to resource strategy in peace crisis and war times.
  • Serve as strategic leaders who can effectively shape and implement policy and develop appropriate strategies in support of national security objectives.
  •  Design and conduct policy-relevant and evidence-based research based on an advanced knowledge of applicable research principles and methods, and develop solutions to complex national security challenges.


  • The National Defence College grants a Master's Degree or a Ph.D. Degree in Strategic and Security Studies or any other certificate or academic qualification decided in the future.
  • The College may grant a certificate in strategic and security studies if the participant successfully completes the course requirements except the assessment requirements.

course instruction

The language of instruction for the course is English. 


The course duration is between 43-45 weeks, divided into three semesters.