Major General Staff Pilot Salim bin Harmal Al Shamsi Commandant of National DefenCe College

Message of the Commandant

Since its inception, the National Defence College has attained its scientific status and academic leadership through its contribution in the preparation and qualification of military and civilian leaders, and the centering the culture of national security, continuing to achieve the NDC vision, mission and objectives, keeping pace with changes and developments, and paying the highest attention to the quality of education. The NDC continues to develop the educational process in accordance with the latest international standards, adopting a program that combines academic study with realistic practical experience, in an effort to develop and empower the capabilities and skills of its participants in identifying the foundations of managing resources and protecting national interests, identifying various threats and challenges posed by local and regional circumstances, and confronting them wisely, responsibly, professionally and efficiently. In addition to then proposing appropriate solutions through a comprehensive and logical lens that takes into consideration all political, military, security, economic, and media dimensions, addressing national security from a holistic perspective as a vital core national interest. Participants also benefit from sharing opinions and experiences among themselves, which adds real scientific richness to national defence courses that contributes to the participants’ understanding of strategies and policies that strategically prioritize national interests and protecting them with all the tools of national power within a scientific framework using contemporary methodology. This effectively enhances participants’ ability to assume their responsibilities and apply the knowledge gained through the NDC course in their respective positions.
We at the National Defence College are motivated by the passion to work towards anticipating the future and its readings, in line with the vision of the wise leadership and its ambitious development plans for tomorrow, and to continue to harness all efforts and human and material capabilities to serve its goals and achieve its aspirations. We are also keen to prioritize the college’s progress through continuous follow-up to enable its leading and pioneering role in achieving national goals and objectives, taking all means that would support the continuity of the academic process with all its human elements and other auxiliary elements.

Major General Staff Pilot Salim bin Harmal Al Shamsi