Sunday 30 August 2020

His Excellency Major General Staff Pilot Rashad Mohamed Salem Al-Saadi, Commandant of the National Defense College welcomed the new participants of 8th National Defense Course 2020-2021 on Sunday, 30th of August 2020, congratulating them on their choice to join the National Defense College during the COVID-19 global pandemic. His Excellency also welcomed the new student from the Republic of Indonesia being the first international participant to join the UAE NDC Course. The ceremony was conducted following the UAE national COVID-19 precautionary procedures. 
Attended by the Deputy Commandant, wing commanders, and faculty members, the ceremony was commenced by a speech delivered by His Excellency the NDC Commandant NDC where he expressed his trust in the participants for the responsibility entrusted to them. He added that he is confident in their determination and initiative, which will undoubtedly help them achieve the desired goals and outcomes.
His Excellency explained to the new participants that the NDC Course includes several positive advantages and points of strength that will contribute to their satisfaction upon joining the course and achieve goals far beyond their expectations by Allah willing. "The course enables participants to develop various capabilities such as the ability to conduct research, follow-up, evaluate and analyze the strategic environment in its various dimensions, and employ thinking frameworks to find appropriate solutions to various current and future challenges" His Excellency added. " The course creates a quantum intellectual leap for participants in focusing on the national, regional and international levels", the NDC Commandant explained.
The NDC Commandant also added that throughout the NDC Course participants would realize the NDC  vision, mission and goals  in addition to the UAE Armed Forces, which seeks to achieve the desired NDC National Defense Course goals. His Excellency added that NDC is pleased today with their enrollment.
Concluding his speech, the NDC Commandant emphasized that success, excellence, and distinction are goals that everyone strives to achieve. He expressed his hope that all NDC community should contribute with their energy, effort, and dedication to achieve this goal with determination and persistence. His Excellency concluded his speech wishing everyone success and accomplishment in achieving the hopes and aspirations that the wise leadership places in them in order to protect the comprehensive national interests and preserve the achievements of our dear homeland, the United Arab Emirates.