Sunday 29 August 2021

H.E. Maj. Gen. Staff Aqab Shaheen Alali, Commandant of the National Defense College, inaugurated the ninth National Defense Course 2021-2022 on Sunday, August 29, 2021. Following the precautionary measures to combat the spread of the Corona virus, H.E. welcomed the new participants, congratulating them on the inauguration of their new academic year, and for choosing to join one of the distinguished academic colleges of strategic thought and to be one of the 9th NDC course participants.

In a speech delivered in the presence of the Deputy Commandant, wing commanders, and faculty members, H.E. expressed his full confidence in all participants to be up to the responsibility entrusted to them and that they have the spirit of initiative and determination, through which they will achieve their desired goals and aspirations by joining NDC.

H.E. explained to the participants that NDC will work as always to develop their various skills in research, follow-up, evaluation, and analysis of the strategic environment in its various dimensions to help them create appropriate solutions to the various current and future challenges that may face them in their work environments. The NDC curriculum has the tools that will undoubtedly qualify them and raising their abilities to identify and assess national, regional, and international security challenges, and to understand the principles and requirements for managing and employing state resources to protect the national interests of their country.

At the closing remarks of the speech, H.E. wished everyone success in their new academic year. The ceremony was closed by taking the inauguration photo of the 9th NDC 2021-2022.