About NAtional Defense College

The National Defense College of the United Arab Emirates (NDC) was created, pursuant to Federal Law Decree No. (1) of 2012, to establish in the nation’s capital a leading graduate institute for Strategic and Security Studies. 

NDC, through its Strategic Security Studies Program, prepares future leaders of the highest caliber. The program fosters in students the intellectual breadth, global perspective and critical reflection that is needed to prepare them to identify and assess challenges to national, regional and international security and skillfully manage and employ state resources in the national interest.

Graduates emerge with an enhanced ability to assess complex situations, challenge assumptions, identify pertinent contextual factors, formulate and consider a variety of strategic approaches, conceptualize the strategic implications of those actions, and calculate the costs, risks, and consequences of such strategic choices.

The National Defense College seeks to improve students’ ability to think critically and strategically and to apply practical knowledge in collaborative ways and in complex circumstances with diverse partners; to analyze how domestic, national, transnational and international factors shape strategy; to understand the relationship between political objectives, strategy, and the use of instruments of national power (e.g. diplomatic, military, economic, information - including cyber) to resource strategy in peace, crisis and war; to develop appropriate strategies and crisis-management responses; and, to examine how strategic leaders shape and implement policy and strategy.


A pioneering institute that contributes to the development of strategic thinking and planning to promote the conduct of strategic and security studies at the national, regional and international levels.


To prepare and qualify both military and civilian leaders and hone their skills in identifying and assessing challenges to national, regional and international security as well as understanding the fundamentals and requirements for managing and employing state resources to defend national interests.

College Objectives

  • To study and examine the concept of national security through analyzing and assessing its current and future challenges.
  • To highlight the significance of national and defense resources, and their role in serving national strategy and national security issues.
  • To unify relevant concepts for military and civilian leaders and to improve their strategic and security thinking and decision-making skills.
  • To improve leaders' analytical and critical thinking and debate skills within an interactive research learning environment that enables them to efficiently contribute in policy and decision making at the strategic and national levels.
  • To meet the highest academic standards through attracting highly qualified faculty members, experts and distinguished guest speakers.
  • To lay the foundations of co-operation with local, regional and international universities and think-tanks in a manner that achieves the College objectives.
  • To launch strategic partnerships with distinguished studies and research centers.