The National Defence College Library is the gateway to the world of research, scholarship and community for the College participants, faculty and staff.  The library’s current collection is designed to support the essential teaching and research missions of the College; it will develop as the needs of the NDC academic community evolve.  The Library seeks to enhance an intellectual environment within the College that encourages critical thinking, while providing an atmosphere that is both informal and comfortable.  The goal of the library staff focuses on enriching the learning experiences of all patrons and encouraging habits of mind and ongoing research as lifelong endeavors.

The NDC library supports learning and research by providing access to an array of scholarly information.  The library houses a small, but growing, print collection of Arabic and English titles, with additional access to books in an electronic format.  The library acquires new items continuously and honors special requests for material from student-participants, faculty and staff.  In addition to the book collection, online databases provide the NDC community with access to full text,  peer-reviewed periodicals, dissertations, and reports from over 15,000 journals.  That electronic material is available to College participants and faculty through each individual's campus account, providing access to the library at all hours, whether on campus or off site.   In the event that specific resources are not available in the library, the library staff will endeavor to acquire the needed material from sources outside the campus.  The library staff works directly with the entire NDC community in order to enhance the educational process and assist the discovery, use and sharing of vital information.  


Monday - Friday,  07:00 - 14:00

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