“Types and Risks of Fire and Methods of Prevention” Lecture at the National Defense College

Monday 28 January 2019

On January 28, 2019 the National Defense College held a lecture entitled "Types and risks of fire and methods of prevention" at the College's headquarters. The lecture was attended by the NDC officers, noncommissioned officers, individuals, civilians and the faculty members.
In the beginning, the lecturer talked about the dangers of fire as being the first enemy of man in general and the importance of preserving human safety, explaining the theory of ignition and its most important elements of fuel, heat and air. He also reviewed the types of fuel that come from animals, plants and minerals. Turning to the theory of firefighting, he explained the need to extinguish the fire by removing fuel, heat, and oxygen, either by cooling, starving, or smothering.
He pointed out that the types of globally-classified fires are divided into (5) main sections specifically solids, liquids, electricity, gases, chemicals and metals. The UAE adds another section, namely ammunition and explosive fire to its list, explaining the ways and means of firefighting related to each type.
He added that the main causes of fires are negligence in the first place, and smoking is the number one cause worldwide, and sometimes sabotage. He also explained that there are procedures to be done in the event of any fire, first of all calm and restraint, and then reporting the presence of fire and breaking the fire alarm glass if any.
At the end of the lecture, He expressed his thanks to the audience and accommodated their questions.