In Pursuance of Resolution No. (41) of 2020, issued by the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces regulating the provisions of the NDC Bylaws, Article 22 regulates the formation of an NDC Alumni Council consisting of a Council Chairman, Vice Chairman, and two members (military/civilian) from each cadre of NDC course graduates. The purpose of the Council is to expand and strengthen communication and relations among graduates for the benefit of the college and their employers, as well as to plan and hold activities in cooperation with the Alumni Section.

Alumni Council’s Members

  • Mohamed Khaleefa Kalfout Al Qubaisi                     (Chairman)
  • Mohammed Hamad Khalifa Al Aqeed Alkaabi      (Vice Chairman)

    #      Alumni Names NDC Batch
01 Abdulla Awad Adulla al Jeaidi NDC 1
02 Dr.Matar Saeed Rashed Saeed Alnuaimi NDC 1
03 Dr. Humaid Mohamed Saed Al Mheiri NDC 2
04 Dr. Khaled Salem Sultan Al Dhaheri NDC 2
05 Yahya Shaheen Ali Shaheen AlHammadi NDC 3
06 Yousef Abdulla Mohamed Alfarsi Aljneibi NDC 4
07 Mariam Rashed Awadh Rashed Almehairbi NDC 4
08 Fahed Nasser Saif Khamis Althehli NDC 5
09 Abdulla Salem Mohammed Alnuaimi NDC 5
10 Mohammed Obaid Saeed Mubarak Alsuwaidi NDC 6
11 Dr. Farida Ismail Mohamed Alhosani NDC 6
12 Faisal Hassan Ahmed Abdalla AlBanna NDC 7
13 Khaid Saeed Khalfan Hamood Al Mqeemi NDC 7