Major General Staff Aqab Shahin Aqab Alali Commandant of National Defense College

Message of the Commandant

Since its inception until recently, the successful journey of the National Defense College has been inspired by its vision to achieve the desired goals of its academic curriculum and its right status among similar military and civil institutes and colleges.

Based on its mission to prepare and qualify military and civilian leaders by developing their strategic thinking and their ability to assess national security challenges, the College has undoubtedly been following this approach since its inception and has contributed through its program to instill the strategic thought in its military and civilian participants. This is the first critical step for an essential phase of enabling the decision-makers to put strategic plans into practice by harnessing all available capabilities and capacities.                           

Since its mission is to bolster the level of competencies and capabilities of its participants, NDC has taken into account the implementation of international standards in studying the developments and changes in the national, regional, and even the international environments to identify challenges, opportunities, and threats to national interests, and to draw appropriate strategies to address such changes using the state's instruments of power to achieve the objectives of the national interests.

Our partners are our strength. We cannot achieve the mission properly without having strong partners that enhance the college's ability to carry out its tasks. Because we at NDC focus on upgrading the capabilities of the course participants, we seek high standards of performance that are in line with the developments and changes in the security environment, risks, and challenges that this environment poses on national security.

The dynamics of the change force us to strive constantly to achieve the development and to present novel input to our participants to equip them with science, knowledge, and technology (methods) to accomplish their role within their national institutions.

Major General Staff Aqab Shahin Aqab Alali