I am taking this opportunity to thank you all for the fine example you have set following your graduation and ascent to positions of great responsibility in our national institutions.

Your NDC experience does not end upon your graduation. We not only wish to support you as you progress, but invite you to share your experiences with the growing ranks of new participants and fellow graduates. Your performance in service to the nation is not only proof that our college is fulling its mission; it is the ultimate realization of our vision.

I also want to recognize the staff Alumni program office for their contributions toward the vital task of maintaining connections among our graduates and the college. 
I wish you all continued success.

Commandant of National Defense College


The NDC Alumni Affairs Section serves as a point of contact between the College and former graduates through social and professional networking. It seeks to foster and maintain a positive relationship between the College, current students, and alumni. It sees the latter as both informal ambassadors who might help to share the College’s mission throughout the country and as invaluable sources of feedback and ongoing advice on the best ways that the College might continue to develop and strengthen its programs.

The College is proud of its graduates’ achievements during their time of study and of course as they re-enter their careers and further contribute to Emirati society at large and their own communities in particular. Having established close bonds of friendship with its graduates, and valuing the mutual benefits that flow from such a positive bond, the College enjoys its strong and ongoing relationship with graduates and is always keen to welcome them back onto campus to contribute to, and participate in, NDC alumni activities.

The NDC offers its alumni important benefits, including:

  • professional networking and friendship
  • programs and activities such as reunions, lectures, and opportunities for volunteering
  • offering its faculty, staff and library as a study, research and information facility
  • assisting alumni with advice on life-life learning