Friday 07 December 2012

A delegation from  the  NDC headed by Staff Pilot Major General Rashad Mohammad A Sa'adi paid a visit to the U.S National Defense University for a workshop  on the NDC curriculum . The members of the visiting delegation were  the Academic Advisor  Abdullaziz Ahmad Al Bakri, Staff Brigadier General Abdullah Mohammad Al Ka'abi, Staff Colonel Yousef Malallah Al Hammadi, Staff Colonel Mohammad Ahmad Al Mheiri, Colonel Dr. Mohammad Saif Mohammad A'al  Ali, Staff Pilot Lieutenant Colonel Ali Khaleifa Al Shamsi.Their counterparts from the  NDU were  Mr. David Derwitch  Mr. Bob Sharp and a  number of professors who are specialized in teaching courses to be delivered at NDC. The  goal of the workshop  was to discuss the already developed courses of study with a focus on establishing unified concepts and to benefit from  the U.S expertise in this field. The visit objectives of supporting  the development of the NDC curriculum were fulfilled.