Armed Forces Strategies

Thursday 28 February 2019

Based on the importance of the role played by the National Defense College in disseminating knowledge via its academic courses, the NDC held on Thursday, 28/2/2019, a seminar entitled "Strategies of the Armed Forces (Air, Land, and Sea)". Commanders of the main forces spoke about the key role of building comprehensive military strategies in terms of troop preparation, capacity building, training and manpower.
Staff Major General Saleh Mohammed Al Amiri, Commander of the UAE Land Forces, and Rear Admiral Pilot H.H Sheikh Saeed bin Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, Commander of the UAE Naval Forces, talked about three topics that underpinned the discussion. The first topic addressed the strategy of building armed forces and the strategic objectives of each force with a view to establishing highly equipped, qualified and professional armed forces.
The second topic highlighted the central role played by the three main forces in the national security strategy of the state. The third and final topic discussed the most important strategic threats and challenges facing the armed forces in both peace and war, first and foremost the human element which represents the main challenge. It also addressed all necessary requirements the armed forces need to develop and qualify the human power in the future.
At the end of the seminar, which was attended by Staff Pilot Major General Rashad Mohammed Salem Al-Saadi, NDC Commandant, NDC Deputy Commandant, a number of officers, and the NDC Course 2018-2019 participants, the commanders of the armed forces expressed their thanks to the audience and accommodated their questions.