Tuesday 03 September 2013

Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for National  Security delivered a lecture  on  Tuesday, September 3, 2013  at the UAE NDC  on  the  components of the regional and   international political  environment  and  its dimensions and interrelations. His Excellency  talked about the  components of  international  context , the  political  pacts and the trends in international relations that emerged in the aftermath of WW II, the Cold War Era and the collapse of the  former Soviet Union and its disintegration  into 15 separate countries .He then  talked about the creation of the Russian Federation and the political developments in Europe. Lastly, he talked about the changes in the regional  environment, the shift in the U.S Policy towards China's rising role in the international politics and the relationships among countries at the international scene and how the regional environment affects these relationships from  security and  political aspects.