Monday 08 September 2014

The National Defense College held it first conference under the title "WWI, 1914-2014: Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future", during the period 8-9 September, 2014. The conference coincided with the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I. The conference agenda , which was carefully planned by the college, included a number lectures, panel discussions , and presentation of research papers, while a special focus was placed on the following topics:Lessons Learned from World War I, Evolution of Security in the Gulf System 1914-2014, Lessons from Strategic Failure in WWI, Sovereignty, Identity and Institutions in a Globalized World, Principles of War Development and Perception of the Future, and  Technological Weapons and Military Equipment Development.    The purpose of the conference was to offer the participant students of NDC Course 2014/2015 as well as the attendees and invitees the opportunity to become familiar with the variables and updates of the strategic environment that prevailed during that period of time. The gathering also aimed  to help student participants gain experience and analyze and assess variables and lessons learned. The conference plans and preparations were carefully made which positively reflected on the participation and interaction of the audience during the conference as the participants expressed their satisfaction with the  quality of lectures ,modern teaching aids and other demonstration equipment in place, not to mention the distinguished administrative and organizational arrangements that reflected the high status of the National Defense College. At the conclusion of the conference, the Dean of College thanked all the staff that was in charge of organizing this conference as well as the speakers , student participants and other invitees who all contributed to the success of this important intellectual event.