NDC Course 2 Visits Khalifah University

Tuesday 10 March 2015

The NDC Course-2  paid a visit to Khalifa University on 10 March 2015 Tuesday. The delegation was headed by Brig Gen Abdullah Mohammed al Kaabi, accompanied by Col. Albadr al Shatiri, Col Mohmmed Saif Al Ali. This visit came as a continuation of the cooperation between NDC and other national academic institutions. The delegation was received by Dr. Arif Sultan al Hammadi, Director of the University, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim aL Muaala, Vice CEO, and Senior Vice CEO for Research and Development . Dr. Albadr delivered a presentation on the college, its objectives ,vision ,mission and the academic program  and  the college’s plans for future programs .Following the presentation , Brig. Gen. Abdullah Mohammed al Kaabi answered the questions of the audience  in detail and highlighted the cooperation prospects  between the two institutions   in terms  of library services ,resources , faculty exchange program, lecturers  and  joint  electives  courses . At the end of the visit gifts were exchanged between the two sides expressed their wishes to have a continuous cooperation between the two national institutions.