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My Story: 50 Memories from Fifty Years of Service

Author: Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Publishing House: Explorer Publishing and Distribution

Year of publication: 2019

About the book:

It is an autobiography and a collection of memories of half a century spent by His Highness in the service of the nation. His Highness wrote: "I write as much as I can during duties of tight deadlines and as much as I can recall memories and past years. I wrote an incomplete autobiography that may be the introduction of writing a part of our state to keep it for generations to come.” His Highness also wrote: "We started from humble beginnings, but we have high and noble ambitions, and I share our journey from the past to the future in this, my new book, and I want to share with you my new book “Our Journey from the Past to the Future. People will say after many years from now: “They were here, and here they were born and here they worked, achieved, and loved and were loved by people”. It is a wonderful book about a pioneering and great experience. This book reveals the reality of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, a man of wisdom and politics, a knight, a poet, and a leader. These stories were written to inspire and inform the new generations of readers, and to celebrate the achievements of this ambitious young nation and its giving people. This autobiography in your hands is “just an introduction,” as Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid pointed out and “We still have much to accomplish.” This rich documentation is the culmination of the first 50 years to be part of the legacy of our nation that we will create for future generations.