Developments in the International and Regional System- Implications for the GCC States
The Principles of Entrepreneurial Leadership: A study of Sheikh Zayed's Thought

Author: Dr. Nabil Ragheb

Publishing House: Department of Culture and Tourism, Dar Al-Kutub

Year of publication: 2019

About the book:

The study explores the various aspects and dimensions of the thought of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (May he rest in peace). The study confirms that the basis of Sheikh Zayed's civil leadership consists of inseparable harmonious and consistent pillars and elements. These elements are paired together in a logical chain of cause, effect, rich imagination, and accurate vision that take human mind to new horizons and bring it back full of novel and unconventional ideas and concepts.

The study confirms that the critical transformation stages of the history of human civilization, such as those experienced by the state under sheikh Zayed, depend primarily on leaders, and intellectuals who put aside traditional ideas to free their imagination in new horizons. This rich and creative imagination becomes the crucible in which all elements of the intellectual approach and the civil leadership of the late Sheikh Zayed are fused together. The book is rich in excerpts from Sheikh Zayed's quotes, statements, speeches, seminars, and press conferences to ensure that this study does not constitute a barrier between the reader and the direct understanding of Sheikh Zayed's thought. Using analysis, comparison and interpretation, the study addresses the basic features of this fertile, deep and multidimensional thought. The chapters of this study reflect the historical leadership, strategic vision, spiritual depth, democratic experience, human value, unitary awareness, economic trends, agricultural development, national security and foreign policy.