Wednesday 04 September 2013

On  Wednesday, September 4,2013  an academic integration and cooperation agreement  was  signed between the NDC and the  UAE University which outlines the fields of cooperation  between the two sides to  promote  the interactive learning  venues at the  executive and leadership levels.This step came in line with the UAE Leadership's vision to  prepare  well-  qualified  national young leaders  in the fields of  strategy and national security. This  agreement offers students and faculty members in both institutions the opportunity to  benefit from  the services, programs and facilities available at the NDC and UAE University to support higher education in the country. Pursuant to this agreement and given the long experience of the UAEU in the field of education,  the university will provide the NDC  with support in academic, technical and research fields.  The college Commandant was the signatory representative of the UAE NDC, as a first party to the agreement while Dr. Ali Al Nuaimi ,Vice Chancellor, represented the UAE University as the second party. The agreement was signed at the UAE Armed Forces Officers Club. This agreement is the first agreement to be concluded between the NDC and a UAE institution  as the college has already signed an academic cooperation agreement with  the US National Defense University.