Wednesday 24 September 2014

The NDC Course 2014/2015 paid a visit on Wednesday, 24 September 2014 to Masdar with an aim to have an idea about the international and regional  approaches of renewable energy and the innovative ideas and trends implemented by Masdar which enable it to be one of the internationally pioneering entities in the field of green technology. Participants were received by Mr. Basheer Alali and a number of Masdar officials. Accompanied by the Dean of College and Brig. Gen. Yousif Al Hamadi, participant –students toured Masdar starting with a brief on the pillars of Masdar of which are Masdar Institute, Masdar Capital, sources of green energy and Masdar facilities which are well -supported by logistic services. During the brief, a number of strategic partnerships with Mubadala and other banks investing in renewable energy were explored. The brief was followed by a tour to the facilities and buildings as well as the wind power project, the solar systems, the thermal systems station and the optical energy station. The  visit was finalized by an exchange of gifts and photos.