Monday 26 October 2020

The UAE NDC held a virtual introductory meeting on Monday 10/26/2020 with the Indonesian Defense University. From the UAE NDC side was H.E. Brigadier General Tariq Khalfan Al Zaabi and from the IDU was Lieutenant-General Navy Amarula Octavian. The introductory meeting aims to discuss prospects for future cooperation between the UAE NDC and IDU.

Following the welcoming statements and highlighting the significance of this meeting, both parties shared brief presentations on the vision, role, and curriculum of both entities.

The Indonesian side expressed its desire to cooperate with the UAE NDC in all areas in support of the academic process, studies and research dealing with the strategic aspects and national security issues and coordinating with the relevant authorities on both sides with regard to the proposals discussed during the meeting.

At the end of the virtual meeting, both sides offered thanks and appreciation to each other, hoping to develop prospects for future cooperation in support of the interests and good strategic relations between the two countries.