Sunday 01 September 2013

The first UAE NDC course started on  Sunday, 1  September  2013. The College Commandant, Staff Pilot Maj. Gen. Rashad Mohammed Al Saadi, inaugurated the 1st course by  addressing the course participants saying that the creation of the college came as a result of the directives of the UAE's political leadership for  preparing  qualified  military and  civilian leaders  from  the various  states  sectors to be able to develop national  policies  and analyze   and  assess the  challenges to the   strategic  environment. The  College Commandant concluded his speech by  saying that  this course  is based  on  interactive learning   and exchange  of  knowledge. He   urged all  students  to   do their utmost  throughout the course in studies and research to contribute to the fulfillment of national goals and  interests  .The course  includes  30  civilian and  military students.