The UAE NDC Participates in the Strategic Studies Summit

Tuesday 06 November 2012

Staff  Brigadier Abdullah Mohammad Ali Al Ka'abi from NDC attended a strategic studies seminar entitled "Future Thinking" which was held in the Kingdom of Thailand during the period from 2 to 6 November, 2012.
The Strategic Studies Network (SSN) formerly the Regional Network of Strategic Studies Centers is a collaborative research gathering for all research institutes in North Africa, the Middle East and central and south Asia . Its efforts are focused on conducting interdisciplinary studies to examine the relationship between political science, natural resources, economics ,diplomacy and military power. The main purpose of this network is to promote constructive dialogue and research among strategic research centers on security challenges. The SSN currently hosts  co-sponsorship with the Institute of Strategic Studies; Research and Analysis (ISSRA), National Defense University, Pakistan, the Center for Strategic Studies at the King Abdullah Academy for Defense Studies, Jordan; the Center for Strategic Research (SAM) in Turkey ; the Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses (IDSA), India and Near East South Asia Centre for Strategic Studies (NESA). Moreover, there are more than 30 research institutes around the world who have a membership in SNN.