Dr. Yacouba Gnegne
Christopher K. Colley, Ph.D. ASSISTANT Professor

Dr. Christopher K. Colley is an Assistant Professor of Security Studies at the National Defense College (NDC) of the United Arab Emirates. Before joining the NDC Dr. Colley lectured on international relations at China Foreign Affairs University and Renmin (People’s) University in Beijing. He has also taught courses at Indiana University Bloomington. His courses have included Chinese Politics, Chinese Environmental Politics, Chinese Foreign Policy and Security, Sino-American Relations, Sino-Indian Relations, and International Environmental Politics.   

While working and conducting research in China over a 12 year period, Dr. Colley was frequently asked to provide lectures and briefings on Chinese politics, foreign policy and security to groups ranging from the foreign diplomatic and military attaché corps, to visiting American congressional delegations. Dr. Colley has visited every Chinese province multiple times and has trekked to some of the most remote corners of China from the jungles along the Burmese border, to the high altitude mountain passes next to Tajikistan, to the North Korean border. He speaks Mandarin.   

Dr. Colley earned a Ph.D. in political science from Indiana University Bloomington in 2018. His dissertation examined the drivers of naval modernization in contemporary India and China. He holds a Master’s degree from Renmin University in Contemporary Chinese Studies and an undergraduate degree from Moravian College.

His research interests are Chinese politics and foreign policy, as well as China’s military modernization. He also specializes in maritime security, naval warfare, and South Asian security and international relations. He is the lead author on two book chapters coming out in the winter of 2018/19 on India and China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the Obama Administration’s relations with India.